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mp3 youtube converter

An MP3 splitter is a utility that splits MP3 files into more manageable sizes. For those who regularly work with MP3 or WAV files and make long recordings in those formats, Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is a solution that can split them up by detecting the silences or pauses between tracks. The software is efficient and easy to use as it does not require that the original file be converted or re-compressed. The silence detection feature can also save users a great deal of time as it can automate the process of splitting the tracks. The software is also easily configurable so that users can take advantage of advanced features easily. The wav splitter feature also allows you to work with WAV files as well as the popular MP3 format.

Since the MP3 cutter or the WAV cutter does not require that the original file mp3youtube be converted or re-compressed in any way, the software works particularly fast. The size of the original file is also not an issue and Direct WAV MP3 Splitter can even work with files that are several gigabytes in size. This means that the program provides an ideal solution for those who make long recordings in one hit. It is also a great feature for those who record old tape or gramophone records who need to then be able to split up the resulting audio files into separate tracks. You can also preview the original file that you want to split up using the user-friendly built-in preview feature. It is also possible to see a visual representation of the audio using audio graphics.

With no other standard methods of splitting MP3 or WAV files, this solution offers something highly unique as well as exceptionally useful for those who regularly work with audio files. The speed and accuracy of the results is also highly welcome and the ability to split even extremely large audio files means that the software truly has no restrictions. Direct WAV MP3 Splitter also supports CUE files for further versatility. There are various ways that you can split the audio files using this software and the options are fully configurable making it a great choice for power users as well. Not only can the software split the files using the silence detection feature, but it can also split files into a specific number of parts, by size or by track time. You can configure these abilities in any way you like. The names of the resulting files are also automatically named according to the preferences that you set. Working with an audio file is a quick and simple process, only requiring a few clicks on your part. The drag and drop interface makes it easier than ever to split files as well.

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